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Want to upgrade your Pebble Time (Steel)? This case adds heart rate monitoring and wireless charging


TYLT VU Pulse is a smart case. Yes, a case that adds functionality to your Pebble. The TYLT VU Pulse is being kickstarted and the pledge for a single unit begins at US$ 39 (RM 164.60). Not too painful, and that’s definitely cheaper than buying a whole new watch with an HRM.

When used together, your Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel will be able to charge wirelessly too, through a Qi wireless charging pad. Charging times won’t be spectacular when wireless – two hours to full.

As it’s a “case”, it’ll add 3mm to the wearable height and an overall thickness of 4.4mm. As far as straps go, it’ll be compatible with both Pebble straps as well as other 22mm watch bands.


When attached, the Pebble will be able to monitor your heart rate in two modes – passive, tracks your heart’s beats every 30 minutes; while active mode takes your heart rate every 10 seconds for fitness related activities.

The people behind the case state that using the heart rate monitor for one-hour in active mode will drain the battery by (roughly) 8%. Using the case won’t require any additional software, as it integrates with Pebble’s own Health app – meaning all your steps, heart rate, calories and timer will be all in one place. Though, HR info can only be accessed in the app for the time being.


It’ll also support Google Fit and Apple Health if you’re not into their own system. TYLT is trying to make the case waterproof but maintains that before the actual prototypes are out – sometime in March and April – they can’t say for sure if it’ll withstand water.

After they’ve hit 1,000 units, the pricing tiers will increase to US$ 44 (RM 185.69 ) and US$ 49 (RM 206.91) subsequently. Do note that the three prices mentioned are exclusive of shipping.


To purchase, head over to their Kickstarter page.