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Rumours claim that Xiaomi, HTC and Lenovo will abandon MediaTek’s problematic Helio X20 processors

mediatek Helio

Maybe using a Deca-core (10) setup isn’t a good one after all. Or MediaTek just hasn’t got the recipe right yet. It seems that word has gotten out that the Helio X20 chipset is facing some issues and that’ll cause manufacturers to write them off and opt for a more reliable SoCs.

This news isn’t going to be well-received as the MediaTek processor were one of the three anticipated flagship chipsets that are slated to make their way in devices this year.

News coming out of China have alleged that initially the X20 processor was battling Wi-Fi issues – that apparently was solved – but now people are saying that the processor is having overheating issues. That’s another flagship processor that has been (supposedly) hit by the thermal bug, as last year we saw it on the Snapdragon 810.

A timeline leaked yesterday that state that this processor will be on rolling out at the end of March but with this overheating issue, that’ll be a problem for sure to stick to the schedule.


Posted in Weibo, a user stated that Xiaomi, HTC and Lenovo will scrap the Helio X20 processor on their upcoming devices due to the processor’s heat issues. A debacle that some smartphone manufacturers faced when using the Snapdragon 810 chipset a year ago.

You can only trust a rumour as far as you can throw it so don’t take everything at face value. But once MWC 2016 rolls around you’ll see how two smartphone makers – Zopo and Doogee – manage to handle this overheating, if any at all.

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