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Everything the 4-inch iPhone 5se could be and more


New reports imply that the Apple’s upcoming smartphone will be smaller than usual and it won’t just be minimised in stature, it’ll also come with a top of the line A9 processor. So this “little brother” is something to be reckoned with – if the rumours are true.

A video surfaced last week, showing off what looks like a smaller iPhone 6(s) and people think it’ll slot in at 4-inches. The compact package will also apparently arrive with a 16 GB entry-level internal storage, moving up all the way to 64 GB.

Making smaller phones could allow Apple to re-enter the smaller device market that has people with smaller hands fumbling and tumbling their larger devices in recent times. And it fuels Microsoft’s keyboard beta-testing for iOS that allows easier one-handed texting.

We just hope that making it smaller might allow Cupertino to slash prices if they want to be seen as a competitor in the “more affordable” market. Countries in Asia could benefit the most, together with some European states also having the majority of their citizens opting for more affordable devices.


Prices of iPhones have skyrocketed through the roof in the past few generations with increments getting out of hand. Could selling a smaller iPhone allow them to price it closer to the other top end devices and earn them an even larger market share? If you didn’t know, Apple still rakes in the most revenue since their profit margins are a lot higher.

Other rumours have come along too with many pointing to OLED screens, waterproof-ability and even ditching the headphone jack on the next generation of iDevices.

All rumours and none of them facts. Anything Apple decides, they’ll likely pull it off. Unless they’re going to sell another Smart Battery Case, which is reminiscent of a camel’s hump.

Let us know what you think of a smaller iPhone, would you buy it if it has the A9 chipset?