Can Uber replace your car?

Day 7



We’re finally here. A day that comes with mixed feelings. Am I supposed to happy or sad that the Uber Challenge is coming to its end? Well, to sum up the day went smooth aside from one little hitch – or seemed to be a hitch but wasn’t. Anyway, the first ride

Anyway, the first ride was as smooth as it could be. I had to venture into our concrete jungle that is KL. But thankfully, it was Federal Territory Day, so everyone who was supposed to be jamming up the roads into the city were on public holiday. Hooray? Not really, I still had to work.

Arrived at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre without any issues of angry taxi drivers harassing the Uber partner who picked me up.  John was probably the 4th retired engineer I met and it’s great to see that Uber allows them to still earn some moolah while getting out of the house. He did, however, have some trouble finding the location but with some luck, he turned onto the right road.

Ride number two was awesome too. Shared the ride with my colleague from theSkop and we got back to the office with no problems. Ms. See was also kind enough to drive around the complex to drop us at our office block.

And finally, the last Uber ride of the day and the last to end the UberChallenge. How’d it go? Well, I requested the car before my colleague did but he was luckier, as his driver arrived earlier than mine. It wasn’t a big deal but what the frustrating thing about it was the Uber app didn’t update his location properly – yes, first world problems. It lead me to believe he was still eight minutes away when in fact he just pulled up to the driveway. A caveat that relies on GPS technology to inform riders and partners where one another are located.

Akmal and I connected and shared stories while he helped me get home. It’s things like this I’ll miss about taking Uber.

Number of rides: 3
In total: RM34.24



This is it, day 7, the finale of our Uber Challenge and to tell you the truth? I’m glad. When this started, it was a honeymoon thing. I thought not having to drive was great, but eventually, I realised just how inconvenient it was for someone like me. But, that’s a story for another time.

Day 7, how was it? It was alright. In the morning, I waited my usual 20 minutes for the driver to arrive, then spent a couple of hours polishing my small talk skills, before arriving at the office. On the way back, it was pretty much the same deal. What was nice was that I got to sit in a Kia Forte — a car I used to covet — both times.

Number of rides: 2
In total: RM49.88