Can Uber replace your car?

Day 6


Capped my weekend off by staying at home and resting before the long week ahead. Didn’t need to leave the house as there was nothing to attend to.



Day six was just a regular commute though I’ve begun to pick up on the slightly annoyed tone several drivers have when they call me to tell me that they’re on the way. I get the distinct impression that they’re trying to get me to cancel the ride so they don’t have to travel that that far to pick me. Geez, it’s only been six days and I’m already running into people like this. Not too happy about that.

Had a short dinner date in PJ so I got a ride to Jaya Shopping Centre before dropping my date off at her place and heading home. When I got a ride to pick me up from her house though, the driver showed up with a different car. It is worth noting that he did inform me beforehand so I didn’t feel too bad. Beyond that, nothing too spectacular happened. I will let you in on a little secret though — I miss driving already.

Number of rides: 3
In Total: RM60.97