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Can Uber replace your car?



What’s your preferred way of getting around? Do you make use of public transport or rely on your own car? The way we travel is usually dictated by a handful of factors: safety, convenience, travel time, comfort and price.

Well since Uber came into the picture, most Klang Valley folks have decided to jump on the ride-sharing app that allows you to request rides at a moment’s notice. You’ll be able to hop on and off without fumbling over small change because payments are channeled through credit/debit card.

Just recently, they have revised their uberX rates and it’s now up to 50% more affordable than before. As a result, they reckon it is cheaper to rely on Uber as a daily driver compared to owning a car. This could be possible once you consider the cost associated with parking, maintenance, fuel, road tax and insurance renewals of a vehicle on a weekly basis.


To see if this is possible, we’ll be putting their claims to the test.

For a week, Rory and I (Arif) will rely entirely on Uber to get around.  He’ll be commuting from his home in Bukit Puchong, while I’ll be getting around from mine, in Bukit Damansara. The difference in location will be the main variable here – suburbs vs city. On top of that, we’ll also look at how reliable, convenient and comfortable Uber is opposed to driving. 

We’re looking at a big difference in travel time(s) for both of us. He takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to get to work. As for me, I’ll take about 15 minutes to 30 minutes. In terms of fuel, he forks out roughly RM65 weekly and RM20 on tolls. My end that works out to RM40 and RM5, respectively

We’ll be keeping you updated on our progress daily and can’t wait to share our experience with you.