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Using an older-gen Surface Pro? Here’s how to get your power cord replaced


Working around the clock to make up for their mistake, Microsoft has already put up the web page that allows users globally (Malaysia included) who currently use a Microsoft Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 3 (sold before 15th of July 2015) to replace their faulty AC power cords. This follows concerns that units have been reported to cause fire hazards.

Users using the Surface Pro 4 will be not be involved as their cords are fine to begin with.


This recall will only allow you to replace your AC power cord and power brick – your actual Surface Pro will not be replaced.

Here’s what the power cord that needs replacing looks like:

If your cord is the one below, you don’t have to worry. Yours doesn’t combust into flames when vigorously twisted and wound.


Microsoft sternly warns that if you’ve noticed any issues to stop using it immediately. Nevertheless, even if there are no issues they want to avoid the chance that the cord will fray and cause fire hazards so they still want you to dispose of your current power cord and request of a replacement. In case you missed it, you can read our earlier post here.

They’ve also highlighted that if your power cord is the old one, you should immediately stop using it and get it replaced. It’s mentioned that it’ll take 4-6 business days for your new cord to be shipped to you.

After you’ve completed the process of signing in, verifying your information and selecting the product that you’ve previously purchased. They’ll send out an email that details your order status and tracking information.

The replacement done online only, so don’t go back to the store that you’ve purchased from to request a new replacement. If you’re among the affected Microsoft Surface Pro users, you can request for a replacement at Microsoft’s power cord recall page.

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