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HP Pavilion 23 All-in-One desktop review: Conveniently packaged



Combos, packages and all-in-ones, a compelling proposition for someone who has limited space in their homes/offices. While not as powerful as a custom-made tower, the HP Pavilion 23-inch AIO is a screen, a desktop, and by an extension a keyboard and mouse too.

But when you have iMacs, Dell’s XPS AIO and the Lenovo IdeaCentre line making their own case in homes and offices around the world, where does it fit?

What is it good for?


Looking at the competition, the Pavilion AIO is the most affordable and it looks attractive for the price. Add touchscreen compatibility into the mix with those Windows Live Tiles and you get one of the most natural interactions you could with a screen of that size – excluding that of those in Sci-Fi movies.

Loosely resembling Apple’s own all-in-one, HP hopes to capture the people out there that want the same(ish) looks but don’t have the absurdity of dropping a lot more money for it.