5 reasons you should ditch the Facebook app




“There’s an app for that.”

A popular saying when it comes to these little devices we carry around all day called smartphones. It’s amazing what our devices can do with a dedicated app, especially when it comes to social media applications. If you’ve ever used the Instagram app versus visiting it on the browser, you will know what I mean.

Unfortunately, some applications are really heavy and take up a lot of resources, slowing down slower phones. One of which is the Facebook application. It takes up a whopping amount of space in your internal storage versus something like Instagram that only uses a fraction of the amount, but because this is the only and most complete application for browsing Facebook, we begrudgingly use it.

Common perception would be that the mobile browser version is always a whole lot worse than the app, but according to Android Central, that isn’t the case. Russell Holly wrote an article about how he uninstalled Facebook on his Android device and it turned out to be a better experience than he expected.

That got us thinking, is the Facebook app really worth it? Well, for what we believe is the majority of FB users, we doubt it. Here are the five reasons we think Android users should ditch the Facebook application.

1. The Facebook app is hungry


If you’re on it for a moderate amount of time a day, you will notice that it becomes one of the biggest battery drainers on your phone. Plus, it is a performance hog too, something Russell also notes, so it will significantly slow down the performance of lower-end devices.

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If you’ve ever installed the Facebook app, I’m sure you’d notice the ridiculous amount of permissions they “require” to function properly. It wants access to so much of my information that I’m pretty sure the Zuck knows me better than my mom does.