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Sony, LG and Samsung to duke it out at MWC 2016


Stealing an opponent’s thunder is not uncommon but jumping head first into a the storm with two other big names is pushing the boundaries.

Sony has just laid out its calling card and they’ll be vying the attention of tech sites at the same conference as Samsung and LG; sending out invitations for a special press conference a day after its two competitors intend to release their biggest devices of the year.


But what could they release? The flagship Xperia line was just announced at IFA in September. So it couldn’t be that. What about a tablet? or the alleged bezeless Xperia C6?

We’re not quite sure just yet but if they want to enter the ring with Samsung and LG – both of whom are going to release flagship smartphones – they better put something good on the show floor.


If it would be a tablet, it’ll be a follow-up to the Xperia Z4 tablet and that would indeed make a (good) fuss. Sony’s tablets are no pushovers and has been a beacon of light in the disarray that is Android tablets. Their Xperia Z2 Tablet being (an early) example of how they can produce great slates and the Xperia Z4 Tablet that followed it.

It’s also plausible that Sony might announce some new wearable during Mobile World Congress but to hold an event the same day as two competitors that are going to release their biggest devices of the year with a wearable seems even less likely.


IFA 2015 was just four months ago and Sony can’t be too brash when it comes to refreshing their flagship Xperia Z line – we’d prefer to think as such since we’ve already advised them to use a longer product-cycle to develop something that’ll change the smartphone game.

Repeating our status quo, Sony has to stop playing safe and take some risks. Change up their looks and look towards starting a new trend. They’ve got to risk it for the biscuit so to say.

If they don’t, the company may start reconsidering the position of their Mobile division and the ambiguous “alternative options” cloud that hangs above them isn’t something they should play with.

The Japanese company better watch out, cause if they fail to shock us positively when trying to steal that thunder from LG and Samsung, they’re going to be an afterthought we won’t bother with.

For a look at what Samsung might put out, check out this post here. For anything regarding LG, head on over here.

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