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Sometimes it’s all about the feel: What’s the best phone you’ve held?

The Hyped Geek

Cheryl Bates


Sony Xperia U
“Because phones could never fit in my hand after that.”

The Sony Xperia U was certainly a cute little device. Coming in at a tiny (by modern standards) 3.5”, this was never a flagship device, nor was it meant to be. But with its quirks, like the transparent multi-coloured bar and its removable chin (though admittedly it doesn’t really do a thing), the device definitely won the hearts of quite a few people — myself included.


Nigel Yap


BlackBerry Torch
“Feels natural in the hand and has a great slider.”

The proper BlackBerry slider. Not this Android sliding nonsense. The Torch has a good feel to it, with nice rounded edges that help it sit comfortably in one’s hand. Nigel’s Torch looks like it has seen better days, but that sliding mechanism still works fantastically. And this is despite him admitting to his bad habit of sliding the device open and shut repeatedly for no reason other than to feel the slide.