Sometimes it’s all about the feel: What’s the best phone you’ve held?





Nokia 3310
“It’s like holding on to a bus’s handrail. Good build.”

No doubt we have all seen the memes. The legendary Nokia 3310 is the Chuck Norris of phones, a cockroach that you can use to make phone calls (don’t try this with an actual cockroach, that’s disgusting), a really, really, really durable device. It gives you a sense of security y’know? The kind your current wafer thin smartphone doesn’t. Unless you can throw it like a ninja star.





Motorola L6

“It is the first metal body that feels truly as sharp and as thin as a razor.”

Motorola skyrocketed to the top of the mobile phone pecking order with their razor-thin Motorola Razr flip phones. However, there were many who didn’t like the clamshell form factor and as a result, the Motorola L6 was born. While it was intended for the ordinary user with its reasonable price, it did lack a little in performance. The device still kept Motorola’s razor sharp good looks and feel though.