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Sometimes it’s all about the feel: What’s the best phone you’ve held?

Alexander Wong


Nokia N9
“Plastic never felt so good.”

Ah, Nokia’s famed first and last MeeGo smartphone. It was certainly attractive, with its rounded plastic unibody that seemed to blend seamlessly with the device’s curved glass display. It looked like it came out of a Sticky shop — colourful, bright and eye-candy-licious — simply sinful even to look at. It was a marvel of plastic engineering, inspiring premium Lumia designs for generations to come.


Amin Ashaari


Apple iPhone 4
“The iPhone 4 used glass panels for the front and rear housing, it was the first time glass was used to make a phone body. It was revolutionary at the time and it pushed the boundaries for smartphone construction”

I’ll admit, when it came out, this smartphone definitely caught my eye. But, in my youthful stubbornness, I refused to admit how beautiful this device was. It was just two pieces of glass glued to a metal frame right? At least, that’s what I told myself. But when I revisited the device in December, my gosh did I wish Apple never departed from this design. That said, it doesn’t particularly fit well in my hand. My fists of ham definitely prefers a smooth curved back over a square wafer-like one.


Arif Lee


OnePlus One (64GB Sandstone Black)
“It’s functional and pleasing on the eyes. It’s supposed to be brash but isn’t, with the black undertone looking sleek while still showing some texture.”

The OnePlus One is one of my favourite phones. It was a potent cocktail of power, build and affordability that took the budget-midrange smartphone market by storm. While the 16GB white version had a nice texture, it was nowhere near as nice as the 64GB Sandstone Black edition. It wasn’t so rough that it became uncomfortable, but it was rough enough to let you know that this smartphone isn’t messing about.

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Rory Lee


HTC Desire
“It’s unreal how good this phone feels in my hand. To think that HTC was capable of achieving this level of premium using only plastic and a nice rubberised soft-touch back. Embarrassingly, I have been caught multiple times rubbing the back of the device on my face.”

I’ll be honest, it felt kind of weird putting my own quote in my own article. Kinda weird and kinda vain but all for the sake of a uniformed theme eh? Anyway, yes, the HTC Desire — my first and, by far, favourite phone to hold in the hand. It’s just so satisfying, even now with all its bumps and scratches.