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Own more than one Apple Watch? The new watchOS update is just for you


The Apple Watch is available in Malaysia with enough variants to suit any occasion. If you’re wealthy enough to splurge on multiple Apple Watches, switching from one watch to another can be a pain in the butt.

Not too worry as the Cupertino company understands what Apple Watch aficionados have to go through and here’s what you can expect with the upcoming watchOS 2.2.

With the new software update, users would be able to pair more than one Apple Watch on the same iPhone. This gives you the opportunity to connect an Apple Watch Sport and an Apple Watch Edition to your phone, and you can switch between them without resetting and repairing the watch. This leads to a possibility that Apple is preparing to launch its new Apple Watch 2, and it would help existing Apple Watch owners to keep both timepieces in use. Another speculation is that Apple might introduce a fitness band and it works hand in hand with the Watch.

watchOS 2.2 also brings other notable changes as well. The built-in maps will let you run searches and points of information under glance. So in theory if you’re wondering what to do at a location, this feature would help to recommend cafes, restaurants and shops near you. For fitness buffs, the watch will display more detailed information on your workout including active energy burned, plus a full summary on time spent on exercising and standing. At the moment, watchOS 2.2 is only rolled out to developers and it shouldn’t take too long for them to release this to all Apple Watch users.

The Apple Watch is currently priced between RM1,599 to RM80,000 in Malaysia. If you’re wondering which smart watch to get, don’t forget to check out our Buyer’s Guide.

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Alexander Wong