Logitech Proteus Core gaming mouse gets a nice upgrade


Our recommended gaming mice just got better and Logitech isn’t shy talking about the G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse – yes, we realise that was a mouthful.

It has been a good 9-months since the G Tunable Gaming Mouse was introduced and it’s received raved reviews since, leaving us to ask how do you make it better?

I mean, it has one of the best DPI (dots per inch) sensors in the market and an a great surface/weight distribution system. That said, they added something that was missing on this mouse – RGB lighting; RGB stands for red, green and blue – making the mouse easily “camouflage-able” in whatever personalised colourway you’d desire.


On the surface, aside of stripping the teal coloured accents, it remains the same 11-programmable button mouse. The removable weights are still there, allowing you to make your mouse’s weight configuration to your liking.

As far as technology goes, an overhaul usually means a price jump but in this case, it’ll go for the same US$ 80 (RM 354.44) price tag on its predecessor. That’s in terms of pricing in the US but here, the MSRP is quoted at RM 279; although there’s no word on what the new mouse will go for when it arrives locally.


For more info, head on over here.