This wearable lets you control the BB-8 like a Jedi


Our love of robots has best been displayed throughout the films and TV shows that have captured our hearts. Be it scary or adorable, we’ve come to know that they play an integral role despite not actually “being” human.

Across our screens, we’ve seen lovable and iconic characters like WALL-E, Iron Giant, C-3PO, R2-D2 and most recently, BB-8. Though advancements in technology as finally gifted us our own personal droid; hats off to Sphero, they made miniature BB-8s real.

But as of today, the makers have just shown off a prototype wearable at CES 2016 that takes it a step further, allowing you to control your BB-8 with the Force!

Initially, you were able to command your BB unit to do your bidding through your smartphone and while still super cool, who doesn’t love “Force” gestures? Sphero’s Force Band (final name not decided) will be an add-on wrist device and come Q3 of this year, we’re likely to see production units hit the shelves.

Those who’ve already purchased a BB-8 won’t have to worry, as it’ll work with any existing unit and you won’t have to fork out any money – other than the moolah you splash on the actual Force Band.


Move your BB unit at the wave of the hand, and focus your Force powers by making “pulling” and “pushing” gestures. The Verge goes further in depth, giving us a low down on how to control the droid but basically your hand will be the ignition, wheel, acceleration and brakes.

Sphero is still ironing out its new wearable and mainly everything shown is in its early stages and things may change as they continue to work with Lucasfilm and Disney. Although, the manufacturer did mention that more details will be out next month during Toy Fair, so maybe pricing will be announced then.


Special Battle-Worn Jakku Edition on the left, regular version on the right

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Once Fall of 2016 hits, we’ll also see a Battle-Worn BB-8 that has a more worn down exterior to reflect its time roughing it out on Jakku but inside it’s still the same charming droid we’ve come to love.

For purchase in Malaysia, you can pick-up your own BB-8 droid at Machines for RM 849.

Better start practising your Force gestures now eh?

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