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Now anyone can design their own Samsung Gear S2 Watchface


A smart watch is a personal thing and you would want to have a look that’s uniquely you. If the current watchfaces for the Gear S2 doesn’t tickle you fancy, why not make one on your own?

Samsung has just released its Gear Watch Designer, a designing tool that allows you to create watchfaces without complex programming. If you’re already a designer you can get started immediately with its familiar Adobe Flash-like interface.


For first time users, it looks pretty straight forward and you can customise your own background, hour markers, hand design and overlay text or elements. For an added touch of creativity, you can throw in additional conditions like showing a sunny background during the day and a moon background during the night. This can be extended further based on steps taken, activities performed and even your current battery levels. You could also add your own animation using a PNG sequence, which can be used as a watchface element.

Once you’re done, the tool helps you to publish your watchface straight to the Gear Store that’s accessible by other Gear users. The Gear Watch Designer works with Windows and Mac computers, on a machine that has at least dual-core 2GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 1GB of available disk space, minimum 1280×1024 display and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.8 or above. You can get the full guide including tutorials over here.

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Alexander Wong