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Is Samsung working on a tablet to compete with the iPad Pro?


Earlier, we reported on a 12-inch Samsung tablet running Windows 10 that received WiFi and Bluetooth certification, hinting at Samsung’s return to the Windows 10 tablet market.

Now, serial leakster @evleaks has published images of what looks to be the tab in question.


According to him, the device will be called the Galaxy TabPRO S, a name which perplexes us because historically, Samsung devices carrying the Galaxy badge have always been Android powered. The TabPRO S though should bear the Ativ badge since it looks very much like it is going to be a Windows 10 machine.

A possible explanation for this is that the device could either be a dual boot system or come in two variants, much like the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. Then again, we don’t know if these are official pictures or not, so take them with a grain of salt.


The tablet looks to come with a keyboard attachment as well, but since it is supposed to be a massive 12-inches, we do hope that Samsung finds a more elegant solution to fold their keyboard than Apple did with their iPad Pro‘s Smart Keyboard.

That said, the keyboard will likely mean that this tablet should be marketed more towards the productivity side, much like their previous Galaxy Tab Pro. This would put it in direct competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and the Apple iPad Pro.

As a spec recap, the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO S is said to feature a screen resolution of either 2560×1600 or 3840×2400 pixels stretched out over the 12-inch screen. On the inside, the device is said to be powered by a 13nm Intel Core M processor paired with 4GB of RAM.

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Some have also indicated that the tablet may come with an S Pen, which could greatly increase productivity when coupled with a full Windows 10 experience. With Android though it will probably only be as useful as the S Pen on the Galaxy Note5.

Unfortunately, @evleaks didn’t release any information on when this device might be launched, if at all.