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Soon, you could swat flies with a TV screen


Every year there’s a lot that goes on at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and while the mobile-focused side of things has moved (slightly) away from Las Vegas convention, it’ll always be about tech.

You’d hardly expect to see anything about “print” there since we’re talking about the digital age but LG hopes to bring back the newspaper; just in a way you never thought possible.

This was what they showed off during 2014

Releasing a beta of their flexible OLED display, it looks like the Korean manufacturer wants to take these screens seriously and we can expect this technology to be on their products soon enough. The Verge points out that similar concept displays have already been showcased by other screen-makers but they’ve yet to really put this tech out there.

Inching closer to making their now curved screens to bend, flex and roll, LG aims to see this technology make its way into homes by wrapping around your walls, fixtures and furniture. They’re so serious that they’ll be showing off a 25-inch “curved” screen working in a… car. Probably influenced by Tesla’s center dashboard screen but that’s a 17-inch display.

Those at LG’s CES showcase will have the privilege of seeing these rolled-up newspaper-esque screens, that plus a 55-inch TV that is as thin as paper. But to be that thin, the electronics will live outside, obviously.


Meanwhile, LG will also put their first 8K TVs on the show floor. When we say 8K, we’re talking about a 7680 x 4320 resolution and while Malaysia is still stuck in 1080p land for subscription based TV services (Astro & HyppTV). Since we’re still left in the dust, there’s still much waiting to do before our own broadcasting TV services will catch up.

Let us know what you think about higher resolution screens and content. Do you have a 4K TV in your home?

By the way, here’s an 8K video for you to enjoy (if you have the screen that can push those pixels)

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