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Mysterious devices teased ahead of Huawei’s CES announcement


The Chinese manufacturer looks to make 2016 a year that kicks off with a bang with as they’ve released two official teasers so far. As far as we can tell, seems the US market will have their hands on a Huawei tablet and possibly a smartwatch on the 5th of January.


Appearing on their official Weibo account, the first image looks to be a thin metal-clad tablet/smartphone of sorts, with Gizmochina claiming it’ll be the honor X3 tablet. We’d think that it’s more likely be a Huawei X3 since they’ve kept the X-line for the higher-end brand.

In the same image, you’ll see speaker grills on the device; given the placement, we’re going to assume that it’s a tablet as well. There’s also a wine glass in a form of a velvet cloth-like material with the words “rhythm x entertainment” leaving us to believe it’ll be multi-media focused in terms of features.

Given the timing of the Kirin 950 chipset release, many have pointed out that the tech conglomerate will utilise their new top of the line SoC on the X3 but that’s mere speculation for now.


The other device they casually let out of the bag seems to be a watch and based on earlier reports, this could be the smaller version of the Huawei Watch. According to the makers, this new watch will be a rounder smartwatch – we have no idea what that means. Take a look at the Huawei Watch and tell us if you could make this “rounder”.

Similar to the other photo, the second image has two words: technology and fashion. The “watch face” used also seems more feminine than usual, hinting towards something more female focused.

Chinese tech companies have teased devices before, with Xiaomi being the more transparent out of the two; letting us see everything we need to make our own assumptions. We credit co-founder/President of Xiaomi, Lin Bin for showing “teasers” of their own products.

Whatever the circumstance, mark your calendars for the 6th of January 2:00 am (Malaysian time), Huawei is going to put on a show.