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Will the next iPhone be waterproof?


Of late, there’s been much buzz about what Cupertino’s engineers have been working on. From OLED displays to a remake of the iPhone 5c, we’re still left guessing as to what Apple’s new standout feature will be for the 2016.

This year was surely a busy innovating year for the tech manufacturer, as we saw the iPad Pro and the Pencil adding themselves to Apple’s inventory. But in terms of design it got weird, yes, we’re looking at you, Smart Battery Case.


Weird or different, however you look at it, Apple might do it again.

Just in a way that’s more functional rather than aesthetically appealing. We say this due to new reports that cite Apple will make the iPhone 7 waterproof and it won’t be made out of aluminium this time.

DigiTimes claims that using this new “material” (whatever it is) plus sealing all the ports, grills and buttons will allow them fully classify the iPhone 7 as waterproof.


Hopefully, they’ll find a workaround for the flap enclosure like Sony has, otherwise, it’ll be quite frustrating having a flap for everything. But having said, they might just drop some ports all together as other rumours have said Apple will merge the lightning cable with the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Their report goes on to state that Apple will likely rework the antenna lines that run along the device but they don’t provide a how to the statement. Interestingly, this leak could be referring to the much talked about 6c, that will follow in the footsteps of the 5c but who knows.

We’re a long way off from Fall 2016 so you can bet that more information will come about throughout the new year. They’ve done it before and they’ll probably do it again, Apple will probably “reinvent” something else.

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