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Samsung rolls out an important update for the Gear S2

Traditional timepieces are still adored by the masses but when you have an accessory that tells the time and lives on your wrist, your (smart)watch by all means, should last you through the week; that is unless you’re using a Samsung Gear S2. Through our experience with this smartwatch, it definitely doesn’t come close to the manufacturer’s quoted two-three day battery life; mostly lasting us a day and a half at most.

If you’re like us and are unhappy about the battery life on your new Samsung smartwatch, this new software update might just give you a little extra time – see what we did there.

Arriving in the form of a software update, version R730TUVU1AOL3 is small, like 4.85MB small. Yet, this roll-out (that we haven’t received) supposedly brings battery life optimisation onto the Gear S2.

The what’s new section doesn’t give much away, merely stating “Battery life has been optimised” but does this mean that it wasn’t before? Err… That aside, the update also includes:


As far as smartwatches go, getting the software update will require you to use your smartphone.

Here’s how to see if you can update to the latest version:

Get your smartphone
Launch the Samsung Gear app
Head on over to the “Settings” menu
Click “About Gear”
Click “Update Gear software”

Meanwhile, we’d appreciate if Samsung further refined the low-battery warning prompt, which we felt was too passive and lead us to always finding a “dead” smartwatch on our wrist. Although, we’re aware that some people would be happy with an expensive “bracelet” on their wrist.

Time has taken us a long way, literally and through advancements of technology, we  have our smartwatches today. There hasn’t been much traction for their adoption with battery life still not lasting long enough for most to accept. Samsung isn’t alone, as Android Wear and Apple equivalents also suffer the same fate. We can only hope battery technology catches up to what their lithium bodies power up in the near future.

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If you’ve come across this update on your Samsung Tizen device, do let us know if you’ve noticed an improvement. We’ll update the post when we’ve received it ourselves.

In the meantime, do check out our hands-on and unboxing of the Samsung Gear S2.