Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review: Best of the breed

Using it on the daily


This “little” thing excels as a laptop, as a tablet it takes a little getting use to. If you’re in the market for a really portable tablet/laptop, this is definitely something that you need to look at. A large tablet? Well maybe 12.3-inches is too big for that unless it’ll be something you don’t move around much. A kitchen top screen for recipes or a media center for all your videos that you’ll want to push to a larger screen.

At first, once tasked to review the Surface Pro 4, there was some skepticism to see if it’ll actually replace a laptop. Lap-ability, was a reoccurring topic that made Microsoft the butt of jokes during the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The new iteration doesn’t solve much though; it moves but isn’t flimsy, leaving us to believe it’ll suffice during transits at airports and operability won’t cease to function while putting it on the in-flight tray table.


Movies and viewing media content on this was pleasant and never was there a time that it needed to be plugged into a larger screen or external speakers. Believe us when we say the speakers on this thing were a surprise – in a good way.

Windows Hello was great too, a facial recognition software that bypasses all the mundane passwords and PINs by scanning your face. Greeting you every time you activate the screen or turning it on, it never failed to recognise faces and you can take it a step further by making Hello require you to move your head left and right. Making it impossible to fool with a picture.


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