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Can you get 40GB of internet for RM100?


We’ve heard it many times before. What’s the point of having fast internet if you don’t have enough quota? That’s like having a Ferrari with a tiny fuel tank!

The folks at Celcom apparently is aware of the increasing needs of its customers and they have just announced what they claim to be the greatest internet plans yet. How about 40GB of internet at just RM100 a month?


Not to be confused with the Celcom First Blue and Celcom First Gold plans revealed not too long ago, Celcom has introduced another similar sounding postpaid product that’s designed for data-only users. Basically for those needing a data SIM for their tablets and possibly MiFi devices.

The star of the show is the Celcom First Gold Internet plan that offers a whopping 40GB of internet. Before you get too excited, mind you that the actual mobile data is only 6GB and it gets an extra 4GB for weekend use (1GB per weekend).

The balance 30GB? That’s coming from off-peak (1am-7am) mobile data quota of 12GB and Celcom WiFi quota of 6GB plus additional 12GB WiFi quota for off-peak (1am-7am) use. Seriously who uses Celcom WiFi, let alone being able to access one during off-peak hours? Even the WiFi coverage map gives an impression that it’s as wide as their mobile network.

If you’re a light data user, the Celcom First Blue Plan offers an accumulative 6GB of internet for RM45/month. Basically, this is the same perks as the normal Celcom First Blue postpaid plan for smartphones. Both First Blue Internet and First Gold Internet options let you carry forward unused data up to 2GB and 6GB respectively to the following month. Note that these new plans are data-only, so you can’t use it for phone calls, but strangely SMS is permitted.

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According to Celcom, they will be offering bundled iPad contract plans from as low as RM1,268. The latest iPad Pro 128GB will be offered too but so far there’s no details from Celcom on its bundled pricing.

Alexander Wong