Weekends will never be the same again with Celcom’s new FIRST Plans


This post is brought to you by Celcom FIRST – Get all the privileges you need for the greatest weekends

Celcom wants to be the first to make your weekends a little better by giving you free data coverage on Saturdays and Sundays with their Celcom FIRST plan. Customers have a choice of two Celcom FIRST plans: the FIRST Blue and FIRST Gold, both of which are designed to give you more data when you need it most.


As you can tell by the colour, both data plans are designed for different users. For the more casual user, the Celcom FIRST Blue offers a monthly quota of 6GB of internet for only RM45 a month. The quota is split between three categories, where users get to have 2GB of monthly Internet, 2GB of free Internet on weekends (500MB every weekend), as well as 2GB of complimentary Celcom WiFi. The Celcom FIRST Blue plan also gives its users a cool 50 minutes of talktime and 50 free SMSs to all networks.


Meanwhile, designed with the heavy user in mind, the Celcom FIRST Gold plan takes it up a notch, offering an accumulative Internet quota of 12GB each month. The quota, much like the FIRST Blue, will be split three ways which amounts to 4GB of monthly Internet, 4GB of free Internet on the weekends (1GB free every weekend) and 4GB of complimentary Celcom WiFi. Celcom FIRST Gold adopters will also receive double the talktime and free SMSs, at 100 minutes of talktime and 100 free text messages, to all networks.

This means that if you sign up for any of Celcom’s FIRST plans, you can record a video of that beautiful sunrise from the top of Broga Hill and upload it to YouTube without worrying about it affecting your daily quota. It truly brings a great new meaning to separating business from pleasure.

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So go ahead and enjoy Celcom’s amazing 4G LTE speeds that will let you surf up to 10 times what you would normally get from a regular network connection.

The good news doesn’t end there as Celcom FIRST subscribers will be entitled to free unlimited music streaming on Yonder Music. That means more awesome tunes streaming right to your phone so you get all the enjoyment without the headache of having to use up your precious smartphone storage.

Better yet, if you have had a particularly economical month in terms of quota, Celcom FIRST rewards you by letting you carry over your unutilised monthly Internet to the next month. That means no more rushing to eek out every little bit of that quota near the end of the month!

While most of you must be wondering if there is a catch, or perhaps even a contract to this plan, rest assured as Celcom doesn’t believe in tying you down with contracts for their FIRST data plans. As a testament to how committed Celcom is to providing its customers with a good deal, you can enjoy all of the fantastic privileges that come with the FIRST plan without the fear of being unable to terminate your plan due to a contract.

Additionally, Celcom offers an extended credit limit of up to 5 times the extra credit limit of your monthly commitment value. With Auto Debit payments, you can also enjoy 5% savings over your monthly bill.

Everything cool needs a club and Celcom’s FIRST plans are no exception. Subscribers will get to be part of the FIRST club which offers exclusive rewards and privileges designed only for club members, that range from additional free Internet calls, SMS and many more.

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What’s more, Celcom is having millions of movie ticket giveaways worth millions every month, letting you catch that epic year-end blockbuster movie without worrying about buying a ticket!

There are three different ways you can participate and grab a gift code for the movie tickets:
1. For new customers, simply sign up for a new Celcom FIRST plan (either Blue or Gold)
2. For existing customers, purchase a Max Up at only RM20 a month for 1GB of data and free unlimited streaming on Yonder Music
3. Alternatively, you can also purchase either a Samsung Galaxy Note5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ or a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with Celcom FIRST.

Once that’s done, simply head on over to the contest website and enter the gift code. There, choose your preferred complimentary movie ticket, either MBO, GSC, or ESCAPE, and hit the “Redeem NOW” button.

Keep in mind that this contest is only valid until January 6th 2016, so you’d better hurry if you want to get your movie on! For customers in Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu. you can still redeem GSC or MBO tickets and watch them in a state where the cinemas are available, or you can opt for an ESCAPE online movie pass instead.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of the Celcom’s multi-award winning family and join the boys in blue today. Simply sign up at your nearest Blue Cube or Celcom Xclusive. For more information, do not hesitate to ask any of the friendly Celcom staff or head on over to their website.