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XOX Mobile enters the fray with a profit-sharing postpaid plan


Operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), XOX Group has finally managed to enter the postpaid game – the second MVNO to do so. But their postpaid plans offer something we’ve never seen before, a profit-sharing mechanism that allows users to start own pyramid referral system, of sorts.

The details on this XOX affiliate programme are still in the wind, with the website only stating that it “helps you grow your income without having to do very much at all. Or at least helping you in cutting your monthly phone bills in the simplest way!”

You’ll find details of their postpaid plan below:


When we called to find out how this system works, we were told to attend a “dealer orientation” – sketchy, at best. But if you’re interested in this program, head on over to their website (linked at the bottom) for more details.


We’ve left out contact details and await a call from an XOX representative and we’ll be sure to let everyone know the outcome. Also to those wondering, XOX piggybacks on Celcom’s cellular network.

Since we don’t usually see “pyramid” schemes and MLMs from telcos often (if at all), this inclusion could possibly add a peculiar twist to the Malaysian cellular operator market – then again, 2016 is already shaping up in a rather interesting manner, with TM entering the hypothetical mobile network ring. More competitors always means more choices, so maybe it’s time to jump ship, come 2016.