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SoyaCincau’s Ultimate Gadget Gift Guide 2015

Under RM 300

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Portable Bluetooth Keyboard – MSRP RM 149


Ever needed a bluetooth keyboard that you can easily bring around? Look no further as this wireless keyboard is multi-platform/cross-platform compatible – Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

Choose to pair up to three devices and easy-switch your way between them by clicking three dedicated buttons to instantly type whatever you need to in a hurry. Providing the power for this typing machine are 2 AAA batteries that by Logitech’s estimates will get you 2 years of battery life.

Where to buy?
Logitech Malaysia

Alternatively if you want something more permanent you can look at the K480 model that includes a stand for your smaller devices – MSRP RM 179


Google Chromecast (old generation) + 1-year free iflix subscription

Google’s dongle that attaches itself to any HDMI port on a screen and lets you project your media onto the big screen. Choose from YouTube, iflix, Netflix (if you have a VPN) and etc, and heighten your viewing experience by blasting it to your 42-inch TV in your living room, or go all the way and plug it into a projector for a fully fledged movie night.

You do have to note that the Chromecast only works with TVs that have HDMI-CEC settings enabled. For your reference it’s called something different depending on the brand. Samsung calls it Anynet +, LG calls it Simplink, Sony calls it Bravia Link, Toshiba calles it Regza Link and Panasonic calls it Viera Link.

Where to buy?
Lazada Malaysia


Spotify Premium 1-year subscription – RM 178.80

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Everyone knows what Spotify is, if you haven’t, ask Taylor Swift. She pulled all her music from the streaming site due to “not getting paid enough”, so if you’re a Swiftie, best look elsewhere.

For everyone else, Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to access music on your smartphone, tablet, PC or PS4. If you’ve used the free app, you’d probably become familiar with those annoying ads that disrupt your listening experience.

With the paid subscription, you’ll get an uninterrupted listening while also allowing you to choose whatever song you’d like to play (this is absent on the free-smartphone version). Spotify thankfully allows you to gift subscriptions and you can choose from 1, 3, 6 or 12 months through one payment, there’s currently a workaround to get a cheaper price for the first 3 months but it’s slightly long-winded – feel free to ask us if you want to save some money and read about the offer here.

Where to buy?
Spotify Malaysia


Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset – RM 198.80



Rated highly by a panel of reviews on, Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset offers one of the best comfort ratings and sound quality for the best price. As far as gaming goes, you’ll be spending some long hours at your computer desk and when you’re having something on your ears for such a long time, it better be comfortable – otherwise it’s just going to be a painful experience.

Durable in nature by being made out of aluminium, it has a removeable microphone, some interchangeable earpads and even boasts volume and mute controls.

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Where to buy?


Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse – RM 300


This mouse just works, even on glass. Throw anything at it and it’ll track your cursor just fine. It performs on any surface thanks to its darkfield laser tracking technology. Pairing gets done through either Logitech’s Unifying Receiver or via Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

Like its keyboard counterpart, this mouse also lets you choose between three devices in a switch of a button. It charges via micro-USB and its 500 mAh battery gets up to speed pretty quickly. Logitech claims you’ll get one hour of usage by just charging it for 1 minute, while a full charge will get you two months of use.

Where to buy?
Logitech Malaysia

Alternatively if you want a cheaper option, here’s the older generation model, the MX Anywhere Mouse.

For gaming? Opt for the G502 Proteus Core from Logitech – MSRP RM 279


OtterBox Mobile Device Cases (smartphones and tablets) – RM 100 to RM 300+


Have a friend or family member that fumbles their devices around a lot? Have they cracked an iPhone or two in their lifetime? OtterBox has got you covered with their wide array of cases that’ll save you from a drop, splash or anything more extreme – depending on the case you pick out.

They offer cases for almost every mainstream smartphone and there are many styling options that you can choose from. Some will cater to the everyday user while some are more for the adventurous and more dangerous environments.

Where to buy?
Lazada Malaysia

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Alternatively, check out products on their asia website (delivery is free for Malaysia)


Beyerdynamic MMX102iE – RM 249


At this price, these earbuds are a steal and you can take a look at how the folks at Tested went through 100 over types of in-ear monitors to finally come to the conclusion that the Beyerdynamic’s was the best bet.

It has a universal remote that’ll work with both iOS and Android, a microphone for those voice calls, but it lacks volume controls though. They’re also light, produce some good sounds and are quite comfortable.

These buds are slightly bass heavy and don’t present a great reference for monitoring but overall the package is quite worthwhile.

Where to buy?
Jaben Malaysia


Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB 2.5” Portable Hard Drive – RM 253


Have you played into the trap of having too many files? Are you a hoarder when it comes to movies, songs and TV shows? Take a look at the Backup Plus Slim; one of the fastest read/writing speeds of a normal SATA drive and it’ll give you one of the most competitive storage sizes / per ringgit.

The drive itself is powered through micro-USB, so there’s no mess of extra power cords and it’s pretty straightforward – just plug and store whatever you need.

Where to buy?
Lazada Malaysia