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SoyaCincau’s Ultimate Gadget Gift Guide 2015

Under RM 100

Aha, with every gift guide, there must be some great hidden gems that are affordably priced. The following list could very well make someone’s month, while still not costing a bomb.


3 in 1 universal clip on smartphone camera lens – RM 16


Selfies have moulded a generation and most of our pictures on social media are utilising the front cameras on our smartphones but no matter which sensor; rear or front, these 3 clip on lenses are surely to add a little extra to your photos.

Make group shots easier with that wide angle lens, get up close and personal with that macro lens or go crazy with that hemispherical imagery through the fisheye lens. Whatever it is, make sure you take lots of photos during the holiday season.

Where to buy?


Virtual Reality Cardboard – RM 20 and up (multiple choices)

This year YouTube finally rolled out for all their videos to support the cinematic experience that is Cardboard VR. What is that you ask? It’s basically another means to view your content.

Content that takes a smartphone and a VR viewer that allows you to get a “virtual” view of what you’re watching. There’s also a 360-degree mode, that essentially allows you to turnaround (while wearing the headset) and see everything around you.

A freezing mountain adventure; an underwater dive; Lion King the musical and it doesn’t stop there – just ensure your smartphone fits in the cardboard model that you pick up.

Where to buy?


SanDisk USB OTG Dual Drive 32GB – RM 45.30



Are you missing a microSD slot on your smartphone? Well here’s an alternative method to store more of your media, an OTG thumb drive that lets you transfer files between your smartphone and other devices.

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A handy little thing that’ll help expand your minimal storage and small enough to let you take it with you whenever you need to, what’s not to love?

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Mi Powerbanks 10000 mAh (RM 59) or 16000 mAh (RM 89)


Everyone has been through those awful moments when your devices hit the dreaded 20% battery mark, though you’d expect that by now most people would have a powerbank handy. At least in an emergency, it’ll get you out in a pinch. Xiaomi powerbanks have been known to provide a good product at a really decent price. Even as the Ringgit stumbles across the exchange – so make sure you take advantage of these amazing little battery packs while they stay affordably priced.

Where to buy?
10000 mAh

16000 mAh


Mi Band – RM 69


Before the Mi Band, you’d be crazy if you could find a fitness tracker that’s so affordable – yes, you could consider the Pivotal Living but you’d have to pay US$ 15 (RM 65.60) on top of their yearly subscription cost of US$ 12 (RM 52.45), which by our records, is more expensive.

Sadly, Malaysia hasn’t received Xiaomi’s second iteration of the smartband, the Mi Band 1s but you’ll still get 30 days of battery life, sleep, step and calorie tracker; incoming notifications and funky band colour options.

Where to buy?
Xiaomi Malaysia


Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro – RM 79

*Smartphone sold separately*

IEM or in-ear monitors or headphones or earphones, regardless of you want to call them, Xiaomi outed their 4th attempt at making audio equipment and this time, they’re touting it to be comparable with more expensive options.

They gave us a sneak-peak together with some Mi Fans recently and we’d say that the Kevlar and metal composition on these earbuds were really nice, probably adding to the durability at the same time. We’d also easily recommend them for the sound quality that they are able to produce – you can chuck your Apple Earpods away, like right now.

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Where to buy?
Xiaomi Malaysia


Joby GorillaPod Magnetic Tripod – RM 89 + RM 5 shipping


Rated as one of the best flexible tripods out there, the Magnetic GorillaPod by Joby has (as the name suggests) three magnetic feet that are flexible and can contoured in whatever manner you want to get your perfect shot. It’s portable too, weighing in at 45.3grams and able to support devices up to 325grams.

Where to buy?


iflix 1-year subscription – RM 96 (RM 8 x 12 months)


Netflix and chill, or iiflix and chill for us Malaysians – sexual innuendoes aside, media consumption is crazy these days. It’s either you’re on Facebook, watching a quick clip; on YouTube, checking out the latest tech reviews; or (illegally) downloading a torrent, hoping to watch an unedited movie or TV series.

International paid streaming sites are popular too but unless you have a paid VPN, choices are pretty limited. That said, iflix is your best bet in getting movies and TV shows, albeit having content that’s slightly behind when compared to what’s being currently shown in the States.

Gifting this subscription is tough though, since there’s no option to buy a gift-card, you’re stuck with either using an e-mail address that belongs to the person you’re presenting this to, while signing up or make an e-mail account specially for that reason and passing them the login details.

Where to buy?
iflix Malaysia


Logitech G100s Optical Gaming Mouse – MSRP RM 99


Okay these aren’t Razers or SteelSeries mice but Logitech does a decent job at making gaming mice. While not the creme dela creme of the gaming world, the G100s is reasonably well-rated on Amazon and for this price, it’s worth it.

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The optical track laser allows you to move around in 250 – 2500 dpi (dots per inch) and the buttons supposedly have been tested up to 20 million clicks before not performing as it should. The mouse also comes with a 3-year warranty so you can rest easy.

Where to buy?
Logitech Malaysia


Logitech F310 Gamepad – MSRP RM 99


With holidays come free time and when you’re not stuffing yourself silly or spending time with loved ones, gaming should be on your mind. Depending which side of the coin you fall on: PC master race or console gaming only, if you’re on the former but still prefer a gaming controller, Logitech has some great gamepads.

You’re getting a familiar package since has the same button layout as a PlayStation controller but they’re all programmable. Connected by a 1.8 meter cable, you can also opt for the wireless option but it’ll cost you double.

These controllers are also capable with some Android TVs, switching between your PC and Android OS TVs using the controller switch underneath. You’ll also get the same 3-year warranty on the controllers, lasting the same lifetime of a top line gaming machine if needed.

Where to buy?
Logitech Malaysia