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Man orders Nexus 6P, gets 6P(airs) of something else


When the Nexus 6P hit our shores, Nexus fans went nuts. They flooded the online stores on Lazada and Vmall which resulted in an impressive 1,000 Nexus 6P units sold on launch day itself. However, purchasing anything online can be rather risky because sometimes, mix ups can happen.

Local Ian Oz found this out the hard way. He, like many other Nexus 6P fans, ordered the device off Lazada’s website, however, when the package arrived, instead of unwrapping a brand spanking new smartphone, Ian unwrapped a pair of…earrings? Oh dear.

(click to enlarge)

It turns out Lazada had somehow screwed up the order and sent Ian six pairs of earrings (worth RM58), which were initially meant for someone named Irene Yeow. The worst part was that based on the receipt, Irene’s earrings were meant to go Johor, which in case you didn’t know, is in another state.


As it looks like Lazada had mistakenly stuffed the earrings into the Nexus 6P package, it seems likely that Ian’s smartphone was stuffed into the earrings package. The good news is that there is a contact number included in the shipping invoice. Ian, obviously outraged, took his irritation onto the social media, posting a picture of his receipt on Huawei’s Facebook page. Luckily, Huawei responded fairly quickly and ensured Ian that they had escalated the problem to their core fulfillment team and Lazada.


What we don’t understand is how a mistake like this could be made in the first place. On the Pos Laju statement, it clearly states that the package should weigh 0.2kg (Nexus 6P weighs around 178g) which reflects the device’s weight, but it seems unlikely that six pairs of earrings would weigh the same as Google’s latest device.

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Nevertheless, paying RM58 for a brand new Nexus 6P seems like a phenomenal deal. Where can we sign up for it? In all seriousness though, we wish Ian luck in the retrieval of his device because we know how terrible it must feel to pay over two and a half thousand ringgit only for your shipment to be messed up. If you were thinking about getting the Nexus 6P, perhaps it would be wiser to purchase it from, which is Huawei’s official online store.