This is the UMNO Phone. But the RM2.6 billion question is would you buy it?


You probably didn’t expect to see this from a political party. At the recent UMNO General Assembly, the Malaysia’s ruling party revealed its biggest surprise ever. No, Najib didn’t announce his resignation nor did he sack anyone. Instead, UMNO die-hard supporters now have something else to hold up in the air instead of an old keris. It’s the UMNO smartphone! The new symbol of Malay supremacy in the modern digital era!

The UMNO phone has enough emblems to remind UMNO supporters where their loyalty lie. The device has a fully customised UMNO theme that includes an UMNO animated start-up sequence, an UMNO lock screen and even an UMNO emblem emblazoned on the back cover of the device. We’re still checking if the phone comes with a special edition Rosmah 64th anniversary wallpaper.


If you’re interested, the UMNO phone can be yours for a Halal price of RM888 likely to include GST. This puts the UMNO phone in the mid-range price segment. The phone is developed by Chili Mobile, a company that specialises in custom branded smartphones with support from MOSTI dan MIDA. In terms of specs, the UMNO phone gets an “ok boleh la” 5.5-inch HD 720p IPS display, Quad-Core processor, “tidak apa” 2GB of RAM with “cukup-cukup makan” 16GB of storage. For taking pictures, it gets a 13MP main camera and a 5MP front facing shooter.

For the UMNO cyber troopers that need fast connectivity to upload the latest piece of UMNO propaganda on Facebook, the UMNO phone comes complete with 4G LTE. Dual-SIM support makes it easy for party-hoppers to make calls to the ruling party and opposition party members. Ensuring UMNO members don’t nod off during long party speeches, the UMNO phone packs a 2,500mAh battery. And to keeping with the latest trends, the phone comes in two tasty colours, black or white.

We’re really not sure where you can get the phone but if you really want one, you can try your luck at newly opened MARA Digital.

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UMNO terus mara
Untuk rakyat Malaysia!

[ SOURCE 2 Image Credit: Berita Harian]

Amin Ashaari