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The Nexus 6P: the cleanest, most functional Android experience to date



Android has slowly commanded a market share of 82.8% (IDC figures) in its 7 years of existence. While numbers don’t lie, it’s been a strenuous journey for the operating software; coming to life thanks to a team of four visionaries.

The Nexus name came shortly after, allowing devs and those passionate about the cleanest, bloat-free system that they could tinker away with, within their coding laboratories. Notable house-hold OEMs have had their hand in the growing appreciation that is, a Vanilla flavoured Android OS; a list that include two Korean manufacturers (LG and Samsung), one Taiwanese (HTC), one American (Motorola) and the rookie to the bunch, the Chinese-based Huawei with their Nexus 6P.


What Huawei brings to the Nexus name?

Can Huawei add a new spin to the Nexus name after leaving many hoping for more after the Nexus 6? That often was too expensive or too big for regular folks to palm around. Those who felt betrayed after the Nexus 5, were left hanging, while those wanting something top-of the line without sacrificing quality materials and build were put in the same position.

So now we have the Nexus 6P, a smartphone that many have said to be the best pure Android device to date, but can the device and Marshmallow appeal to the mass market? Will it please the average consumer that prefers to purify their experience? Whatever your opinion, the newest Nexus might just surprise you.