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Is this the Xiaomi Mi 5?

Speculation and anticipation of Xiaomi’s next flagship has been high, especially so with the passing of their Grand Finale event; that saw the Redmi Note 3 and the Mi Pad 2. The latter a refresh was timely, while the Redmi Note 2 received a rude awakening with the 3 coming into picture.

Those hoping for refresh to the flagship Mi series were left with nothing, though they might like the images that have been discovered today.

Supposedly, the render shows that Xiaomi will be ditching the trio of capacitive buttons, taking the middle out of the equation. In place will apparently be Xiaomi’s first physical home button, while it’ll integrate a fingerprint sensor inside.

Redmi Note 3 pictured above

The Chinese smartphone maker has done some odd things in the past, so we’re not counting out this render just yet. But it’ll be a very different route from what we saw on their first device with a fingerprint sensor – the Redmi Note 3, that places the sensor on the rear.

Tying it all together, these images come just after a reputed analyst shared his thoughts on the Mi 5’s fingerprint technology. Pan Jiutang shared that the device won’t have the latest UltraSonic Fingerprint Scanner technology by Qualcomm, as it’s still in the developmental stages. Leaving the impression that it’ll likely be the same scanners you’d see in other manufacturers’ devices.

Spotted carrying some heavy hitting internals under the codename Xiaomi gemini, which include a Snapdragon 820 chipset while running Android Marshmallow; it’s likely we’ll see the Mi 5 early next year and its accompanying leaks as the new year unfolds.

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