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Apple planning to announce an iPhone 6c and an Apple Watch too?

The first Apple Watch hasn’t even been launched in Malaysia yet, and there are already indications that the sequel to their incredibly popular wearable is on the horizon. Malaysian Apple fans have been clamouring for the Apple Watch ever since it was announced, but here we are eight months later and still no Watch in sight. Well, we actually don’t know if this is good news or just slightly sad news because apparently Apple is already preparing a March 2016 event to unveil the second generation Apple Watch alongside what could be the 4-inch “iPhone 6c”.

9to5Mac reports that the second-generation wearable could possibly start shipping in April, a full year after the first device was launched. They also report that Apple had long developed the technology needed for future Apple Watch generations even before the original Apple Watch started shipping. Components that allow sleep tracking, wireless, health sensor technologies and even a new camera for the wearable have already been developed.

When we last saw the iPhone 6c, it was rumoured to be launched in the first half of 2016 and based on this new report, it looks like it should, at least, get a first half announcement alongside the 2nd gen Apple Watch. Following the success of the iPhone 5c, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Apple wants to continue the c-badge because there are many Apple fans that simply cannot shell out the dough needed for their flagship devices.

What’s even better is that the iPhone 6c could be powered by an Apple A8 (iPhone 6/6 Plus)/A9 (iPhone 6S/6S Plus) chip, so performance on iOS should be about as buttery as can be. If it follows in the footsteps of the iPhone 5c then it should come in a plastic body sporting a multitude of funky and bright colours. The smaller size would be a throwback to a time before iPhones became “iPhablets” which we’re sure will be welcomed by those with smaller hands.

However, with the current abysmal exchange rate of the Ringgit, if this device is launched, would it be affordable enough to appeal to those below the high-end market? Based on the iPhone 5c’s launch prices, RM1,999 for the 16GB model and RM2,399 for the 32GB model (keep in mind both of these are without GST), we doubt so. But then again, the iPhone low-to-midrange end isn’t exactly the same as other low-to-midrange brackets.

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