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Don’t worry, this Christmas, OnePlus has got you covered


That’s it, David has struck out at Goliath, setting into motion what looks to be either an epic advertising war or a very expensive lawsuit. What are we talking about? Well, the folks at OnePlus have decided it was a good idea to poke the metaphorical bear that is Apple, with their latest advert for an iPhone 6/6s Sandstone back case.

Mmm, we love the smell of napalm in the morning.

In their cheeky video – which looks like a parody of what we like to call the “swelling-music-advert” – OnePlus have painted themselves (or their users at least) as that guy who has got it “covered”, always ready and willing to help out their friends in need. In this case (ha ha), it would be OnePlus’ new friends over at Cupertino. As fun as this is, we certainly do hope OnePlus doesn’t think ALL its users dress like the guy in the video (that hat, really?).

Just yesterday, OnePlus also posted a teaser on their Facebook page about their latest product, which I’m sure must’ve irked many an iPhone user now that the cat’s out of the bag.


There is yet more evidence of this “friendly ribbing” on their product page as they strive to give iPhone 6/6s users the “Never Settle” feel, adding that its “sturdy, polycarbonate construction” adds both “grippiness and protection”. Apparently it’s one of those things “you won’t understand until you try it”.


To sweeten the deal, OnePlus is throwing in a physical OnePlus X invite with every purchase of this back case. That’s not all, the invites aren’t only invitations to buy the regular phone, but there is also a chance that you could get an invite to purchase the OnePlus X Ceramic or better yet, a free device. Now that sounds dandy and all but when we tried to purchase the case from their online store, a pop-up informed us that the case was currently out of stock, despite it being listed as in stock on the page itself.

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Maybe this is some kind of elaborate April fools prank in December. December Dummies perhaps? Of course, this isn’t the first time OnePlus has done something most people deem ridiculous to generate buzz, just a few months back their co-founder applied to be an intern at Samsung. If you’re interested in the case, head on over to their product page or website to check it out for yourselves. See? We’ve got you covered too.