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Speedtest reveals Malaysia’s fastest Broadband ISP and Mobile Networks


A few days ago, U Mobile claims the title of Malaysia’s Fastest Mobile Network as awarded by Ookla’s As a gesture of appreciation to its subscribers, they are giving out 1GB of free data for the month of December.

So how fast is the fastest? Speedtest has finally revealed the numbers along with the rank of our current fixed and mobile operators in the country. Full details after the break.


Starting with mobile networks that are running on 4G LTE, U Mobile is ranked #1 with an average download speed of 22.58Mbps with uploads of 10.34Mbps. Following in 2nd place is Celcom with 19.46Mbps downloads and Maxis holding on to third place at 18.20Mbps. Meanwhile, Digi takes the last place at 17.49Mbps.


For fixed broadband, TM takes up the Top 3 which is a mixture of various identifiers that lead back to Telekom Malaysia. Looking at the speeds, it is safe to assume that all 3 listings are predominantly Unifi subscribers on the highest 20Mbps Unifi plan. This is then followed by Maxis and YTL Communications, that operates Yes 4G WiMAX. Surprisingly Time Broadband didn’t make the list and we feel they could be among the Top 5 if it wasn’t for TM’s duplicated entries.

To recap on the methodology, Speedtest measures the average performance of each telco based on the fastest technology possible which is 4G LTE. So in theory, this wouldn’t take into account of speedtests conducted on 3G and on older non-LTE enabled devices. For fixed broadband ISP, the performance is calculated based on the top 10% of each network’s speedtest results. This according to Speedtest is to accurate represent customers that subscribe to the highest tier/package offered by the ISP.

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While 4G telcos are self proclaiming the widest, fastest and best network, Speedtest is probably the best independent indicator for now. Another glaring difference between Malaysia versus other countries is that our mobile telcos are delivering faster speeds than our fixed broadband providers. In most cases, the fixed broadband providers in US, Canada, UK and Australia are clocking around 100Mbps or at least 2-3X faster than their fastest 4G operators. So what do you guys think of the verdict?


Alexander Wong