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Guess which is the fastest mobile network in Malaysia


Malaysian telcos (well, at least two of them) are obsessed with claiming the widest coverage for 4G LTE. When it comes to actual usage, speed is probably more important in our current connected age.

So who is the fastest? A popular internet speed testing tool has just named Malaysia’s fastest mobile network and the winner might surprise you.


U Mobile, Malaysia’s youngest mobile telco was just awarded the Fastest Mobile Network in the country by Ookla’s Speedtest. An impressive feat considering U Mobile is the last among the 4 telcos to roll out 4G LTE. Despite not having extensive 4G coverage, U Mobile is capable of delivering high-speeds up to 42Mbps with its 3G HSPA+ network.

We’ve mentioned several times that the current 4G coverage race is getting rather silly. Any telco can throw numbers but ultimately what does it mean to the average consumer? For example, when Digi reclaimed the widest 4G LTE title, they mentioned that customers can expect 5Mbps speeds on 4G and more than 15Mbps on 4G LTE-A. Those numbers are low for 4G standards and they are already achievable with current 3G technologies. After all, it is not what you have, but what you do with it.

At the moment, Ookla has yet to publish the full Malaysian report on their Speedtest Award page but we assume that they used the same methodology here as other countries. The results are derived from the average performance recorded on the fastest technology possible which is 4G. Each test are aggregated by averaging each user’s test result at several locations each day. This prevents manipulation of repeated speedtests by a handful of users from affecting the overall result. You can read up how Ookla determine who’s the fastest over here. So U Mobile subscribers, do you agree with this verdict?

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Alexander Wong