A new challenger approaches: TM to enter mobile race next year

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The mobile industry is a booming one, with more and more industry players want to get a slice of it, be it manufacturers or telco providers. Set to be the latest horse to enter the race, TM is setting its sights on a 2016 entry into the mobile telco industry in Malaysia. This will complicate things, to say the least, for the existing four players – Maxis, Celcom, Digi and U Mobile.

With the acquisition of Packet One Networks (P1) in October of 2014, TM set out to develop them into their mobile arm and mobility centre, eyeing an end of 2015 launch of their mobile services. However, clearly pushing into the mobile sector proved difficult even for the telco giant, so TM have instead decided to take baby steps and only start user trials and network readiness tests come December.

However, according to TM group chief executive officer Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa, development of Telekom Malaysia’s overall LTE network rollout is on track, with the core LTE network being managed and planned for future growth by P1.

“We are now building on that core to roll out nationwide, starting with urban areas and adjacent to existing base stations,” said Zamzamzairani.

This isn’t TM’s first foray into the LTE technology as they had launched their very own LTE-based 4G broadband service, TMgo back in August of last year. TMgo was launched while the TM-P1 partnership was still pending approval, so it ran at a lower 850MHz frequency instead of the usual 1800MHz/2600MHz bands used by mainstream 4G operators.

Now, with the full support of P1 at their backs, TM can really flex its muscles and push their way into the four-horse race. As with any industry, having more competition will only be beneficial for the consumer. With more competition, telcos have to tread carefully to keep their services relevant and avoid being run over by competition.

With a major telecommunications player like TM entering the mobile services scene, you can expect the existing players who are currently locked in a four-way-free-for-all for LTE supremacy, to scramble and make sure the upstart new challenger doesn’t take their crown away from them.

In any case, if TM successfully makes their way into the mobile sector, it can only mean good things for us consumers. We can realistically expect more competitive pricing, more improvements in terms of coverage and probably a whole lot more drama.


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12 Comments for A new challenger approaches: TM to enter mobile race next year


If only it could be the other way round for fibre broadband.

need p1

I stop using p1 since I moved to Taman scientex kulai. I was shocked to found that there are no coverage at all in that housing area despite my Taman scientex alone consist of +-4000 homes. so tm & p1 management if u r reading this, please expand ur coverage to this area. maxis & celcom only get 2g speed despite showing connection is 3g (snails is faster), umobile & digi both get 3g but speed never exceed 0.5mbps (still usable since I only do Web browsing & not streaming anything most of the time). so if p1 can deliver even 1mbps in this area, they will make even bigger profit.


TM was a mobile phone telco a decade ago , they had the exclusive digit starting with 013 .. which after a while they merged with Celcom . I still own the 013 number. When the merger took place with Celcom 013 was considered the cheaper solution as they pushed pre paid service for 013.

Once during a meeting with the CEO of Celcom when I told I own 013 number he told me so you are cheap fellow paying just paltry sum.

Those days TM telco was a new player when they came out with 013 no body wanted to subscribe to it. But I did reason TM is too rich and their infra structure is superb because of deep pockets, where Celcom service was lousy with lots of drop calls due to overloaded infrastructure. But my good time was over when Celcom merged with TM and took over the fantastic infra TM had. In other words Celcom got a modern infra for a song from public money.

Now TM is re entering the same arena .. does not make sense? Why they want to repeat all over again when they actually exited the market. We know TM has deep pockets with public money with Grants. It is kind of unfair advantage like how Government keep bailing MAS.

Why not we level the playing field by giving equal opportunity for all telcos to participate in Fiber Optics broadband for the last mile connection? Now this is real competition and good for the consumers.

But then again these people are not used for competing on level playing field. Always demand a handicap. Sheeesh . This is not real business . This is Monopoly .. where is the anti competition body, tidur ke ?


    You answered your own question. Deep pockets. You think TM buy Pee Wan for Wimax?


    Gov only 10% of total capex on HSBB roll-out.

    competition between glc (ie TM and Celcom) is encouraged by Khazanah.

    Anti-competition or not, dividends go back to public coffer, which is yours and mine compared to, Maxis, Digi, who basically pays up only to shareholders.

    That should be enough to cover yearly income on GDP as opposed to depending on 1 million taxpayers to contribute to gov income. That's right, 1 million people supporting the other 28 million population. Mana cukup.


      Until AirAsia came along MAS was ripping off the people , does it sound familiar . I believe TM need to reduce the price for Unifi and increase the bandwidth. It is just like everything else in this country. One idiot at the top thinking the rest of the country is stupid.

      Say thanks to the private sector which is the real engine of the countries economy. The government must do more for the private sector instead of acting like a nanny for GLC s


      If I recall correctly the government gave grant to TM in two installments totaling RM 15 billion. So if that is 10% , then did TM spend RM 150 billion for Unifi roll ? What a load of BS.

      How do you know they did not inflate the price by 400% to show account to the government?

      I have seen project implemented for the Government by the GLC's inflate price up to 1000% , This is no joke friend. This is reality. If we can plug all these leaks surely the Government will be very rich and dont need to burden the people with GST and what not.


        You recalled correctly, it's just your understanding was off-tangent. Government did say they are spending money on KL118, but it's PNB's money. Government did say they're spending money on HSBB, but it's TM money.

        Government did say they're spending money on NKVE for road widening, but it's PLUS' money. These were all announced in yearly budget tabling.

        So, what's the difference? None. GLC belongs to government, government belongs to people.

        Don't know, seek clarification, otherwise shut up, so people don't know you're not savvy.



Can you tell me if you're going to be cheap? Personally I already feel bored with the current offerings. If you ain't gonna best the others offer and instead just wanna milk us like the current big 4, I suggest you just forget about it.

Darren Ong

Whatever package they offer won't be attractive, just the Unifi broadband slow & expensive!


    You seen the package? Please don't port over if they offer cheaper than M C D and U.


    I have been using Unifi for 3 years, and it's superb. I welcome this move.
    But please expand it quick to small towns. I think your rollout is pretty slow on this.
    Keep up the good work.