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Samsung Gear S2: Unboxing and First Impressions

Gear S2: Unboxing


In terms of packaging, the Gear S2 is boxed up in a simple round box which reminds us of the Moto 360. Inside you’ll find the watch sitting on a plastic tray and the unit which we’ve got is the Dark Grey version. For the normal Gear S2, you can have it in dark grey (with dark grey body) or white, that comes with a contrasting silver colour body.

By default you get a large sized rubber strap attached to the Gear S2 but if that’s too big, Samsung has also included a smaller sized spare that comes in two pieces. Replacing the strap can be done easily with a simple press and pull trick on each side.


To charge the Gear S2, it uses a wireless dock that’s hooked up with a microUSB port. You can either use the provided 0.7Amp microUSB power adapter or any USB powered source including a power bank. With a 250mAh battery, it should last 2 to 3 days on a single charge, outdoing its rivals slightly.


With this approach, you need not to worry about chunky adapters like the past Gear smart watches. This has allowed Samsung to make the back of the Gear S2 look more presentable with a heart rate sensor neatly positioned in the middle. In terms of connectivity, it pairs with your phone using Bluetooth and if you’re away from your device, it also connects with WiFi.  There’s NFC support but that’s primarily used for Samsung Pay which isn’t available in Malaysia yet.


Alexander Wong