ASUS Malaysia will launch pre-orders for the VivoWatch tomorrow


UPDATEthe ASUS VivoWatch sold for RM 799 during the pre-order during the weekend.

If you’re into a non-Android Wear or Apple equivalent wearable, you might just be in luck, as ASUS will start taking pre-orders for their no frills activity tracker, the VivoWatch from tomorrow onwards. Brought to you by ALL IT Hypermarket, the pre-order will only last for two days, the 21st and the 22nd of November.

Announced on ASUS’ Facebook page, the device will be available for you make your orders at these ALL IT Hypermarket outlets:

Ikano Power Center
IOI City Mall
Low Yat Plaza
PJ Digital Mall
Suria KLCC

Setting itself in a different category, that sees watchmakers and mobile companies making true smart watches reliant on Android Wear, WatchOS and Tizen; ASUS wants to have the same game plan as FitBit, Pebble and the likes. So that means you’re buying into a device that only displays black and white on its 1.28-inch screen.


It does have perks, being a low powered system, the VivoWatch will get you up to 10 days of claimed battery life – if true, that lasts a whole lot longer than the supposed 7 days by the two other companies mentioned.

While running a KoodOS, its outer looks could closely resemble the ZenWatch, from a far. The 128 x 128 resolution black and white Gorilla Glass 3 screen won’t take your breath away but it gets the job done.


Edged out with stainless steel, pairing will be done through Bluetooth on devices running Android 4.3 (and up) as well as Apple devices running at least iOS 8.1. Focused for fitness buffs, it’ll be well-equipped with UV sensors, an optical heart rate monitor and a step counter; oh and did we mention it’s waterproof up to IP 67 too, allowing you to submerge it in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

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All your data will be stored via the HiVivo health app but if you prefer other options, you’ll also be able to choose to link it to Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit. Monitor all your stats that extend to step counting, exercise data and sleep too, on the native ASUS app.

There hasn’t been an indicative price set yet, but based on the pricing at Computex Taiwan last June, you can expect the 22mm smart watch to go for RM 799 at least US$ 150 / RM 647 when it hits stores in Malaysia.

For more info on the ASUS VivoWatch, head on over to the product page.