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Samsung officially reveals its new camera technology, BRITECELL

A recent reveal at the Samsung Electronics 2015 Investors Forum could be a hint at what might be the camera technology in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. Rumours that have been floating around recently indicates that the Galaxy S7 could have a 12-megapixel camera with a large 1/2-inch sensor.

About a week ago, a trademark application from Samsung was spotted for BRITECELL, which then sparked another set of rumours about the Galaxy S7’s camera. Well, Samsung has finally revealed the BRITECELL camera technology, though they did not provide any confirmation on whether or not it would be the one in the Galaxy S7.


Revealed by Samsung LSI marketing head Kyushik Hong, BRITECELL promises enhanced light sensitivity in low-light conditions with less colour artifact. BRITECELL was not the rumoured Galaxy S7 1/2-inch sensor with large pixels though as it actually has smaller one micron pixels. Samsung says that these smaller pixels will help reduce the module height by 17% while maintaining low-light sensitivity at 1.12µm.

The sensor also utilises Samsung’s Smart WDR technology which will help provide a more detailed image by using multi-exposure for better spatial resolution and Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) for faster, more accurate photos.

Although the electronics giant did not confirm whether this BRITECELL technology would be used in their smartphones, if they do, the Galaxy S7 could very well be the first one to receive it. With the BRITECELL’s focus on improving low-light performance, the next-generation Samsung phones could be significantly better than its predecessors. To get a gauge of what one of Samsung’s current phone’s camera can do, have a look at the smartphone camera comparison we did back in October.

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