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Early adopters of the iPad Pro are reporting of signs unresponsiveness when plugged in


Seen on Reddit and Apple’s Support Communities, those who recently picked up Apple’s largest tablet offering, the iPad Pro have already started complaining of bad experiences while charging. But these issues usually come along with newly released products anyway – still, should you be worried?

The affected users complained that the iPad Pro refuses to boot up after leaving them to charge. After resolving the issue with the force reset method, the battery levels were listed at 100%. More comments pour in sharing the same sentiments but at least Apple is aware of the issue, or at least their Support Communities site is.

Their response isn’t much help though, as they suggest to perform a simple factory reset, wiping your device on iTunes. While the other was to try the aforementioned force reset by holding the sleep/wake and home buttons in tandem, till you see the device force resetting.

This issue isn’t distinctive to the iPad Pro, as other users are reporting this same problem with other iDevices – iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Could this be a batch issue? Well we hope it can be mediated just by a software update, with iOS 9 being relatively new with on going fixes being released every now and then.

Keep in mind that this could be isolated incidents and user error could be involved. Since Apple hasn’t issued an official statement on the matter, we’re just gonna consider these reports to be rare cases.

Head honcho, Tim Cook has already dismissed the prospect of Apple venturing into convergence devices, so maybe for the time being, the iPad Pro will be the only “tablet”-like pursuit in for the foreseeable future. Will the Surface series from Microsoft continue in gaining new market shares as Apple falls behind in the tablet segment? You tell us.

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