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Celcom’s new FIRST Postpaid plans offer up to 12GB internet within RM100


When it comes to the internet, most mobile users would demand more quota with less monthly commitments. That’s exactly what Celcom is trying to address with its new Celcom FIRST Blue and FIRST Gold postpaid plans. Boasting superior 4G, superior quota and better weekends, the new plans offer more accumulative internet with up to 12GB a month.

Going for RM45 and RM100 per month respectively, the new FIRST Blue and FIRST Gold plans have 3 separate internet buckets – A standard monthly data quota, WiFi bundled internet quota and a weekend only quota. The FIRST Blue Plan at RM45/month comes with 2GB for its base mobile internet, 2GB of WiFi and 2GB for weekend use (500MB per weekend). That’s not all, you’re also allowed to carry forward up to 2GB of unused internet to the following month. For the occasional calls and texting, the FIRST Blue plan comes with 50 minutes of free calls and 50 SMS each month.

For the more demanding user, the FIRST Gold plan offers a generous 12GB of internet which is split by 4GB for all day mobile data, 4GB of WiFi and 4GB of weekend internet. Also included is 100 minutes of calls and 100 SMS each month with up to 4GB of internet being able to carry forward to the following month.


In addition Celcom is giving you more data for heavy users. The more you use (all usages excluding roaming), Celcom rewards up to 2GB of free internet. On top of that they also also providing free unlimited music streaming for 6 months for FIRST Blue and 12 months for FIRST Gold.

The new plans will replace other FIRST postpaid plans offered previously. However those who wish to remain on their existing plans are able to do so.

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Alexander Wong