Relive your moments with the Samsung Galaxy Note5


This is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy Note5 – How will you capture, create, share your Moment of Note?

Life is made out of moments. Moments of joy, sadness, heartbreak and the new experiences that capture the intricacies of what makes life worth living. Who could forget their first visit to a foreign place, the joy of that breathtaking sunset after a hard day’s climb or that first bite into the best burger you’ve ever had?

The thing about moments though, is that they are like any other memory, they slip through the fragile grasp of our minds to the powerful tug of time. Moments end up hazy, becoming distant, unable to evoke the same emotions we felt on that day and that’s kind of a bummer because when we’re old and grey, memories of those moments are kind of all we have.

Samsung plans to change that though, with the all new Galaxy Note5, sporting its amazing 16-megapixel rear shooter, voted best camera by our readers, and the all new S Pen.


Capturing moments in real life can be challenging as they are fleeting, often disappearing as quickly as they come. Couple that with lighting that is uncertain at best and you will be in for a hard time making sure that the image will properly reflect what you are seeing.

This though, is where the Galaxy Note5’s fast f/1.9 lens comes in. The wide aperture allows a lot of light into the sensor, making sure that your stills stay well exposed even in the dark confines of KL Live. Combine that with Samsung’s auto real-time HDR and you are almost guaranteed a great image no matter how dodgy the lighting.

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The Galaxy Note5’s camera is also ideal for quick snaps with its “quick launch” feature where a simple double tap on the home button will get you into the dedicated camera app letting you style-snap that fashionista walking down the sidewalk.

When you have time to set up that perfect shot, head on into Pro Mode where you will have full access to exposure value (EV), shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focal distance levels for optimal image capturing.

With that amazing rear shooter, Samsung also upgraded its front facing camera to a 5-megapixel one that maintains the rear’s HDR feature, bringing selfies to a whole new level. Join your precious moments and never have to worry about poor lighting again.


Want to record a video instead? No problem. The Galaxy Note5’s small form factor coupled with the camera’s optical image stabilisation makes it ideal for handheld video recording. The bundled auto-eject S Pen makes video editing a breeze with its pressure sensitive point designed to give precision during editing.


With live streaming being all the rage now, the Galaxy Note5’s camera gives users a Live Broadcast option, streaming video from either camera directly to live stream sites like YouTube. As the app is native, it eliminates potential sign-in problems giving the user instant recording.

Sometimes simply capturing images aren’t enough to capture a moment, so the S Pen lets users personalise their photos and edit on the fly with Screen Write and Photo Editor. Add that little context to an image to make it stand out and just be that little more special. Scribble a memory or even directions on images of popular landmarks so that you will never forget that awesome moment.

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Once that’s done and dusted, share your amazing, personalised photos with the world through social media. Make sure that everyone can experience that moment with you because let’s face it, moments are like a good meal, best enjoyed in great company.

In the case that you’d like to take a look at what the creative individuals can do with the Note5, here’s an amazing example:

To encourage the capturing of moments and budding creative individuals, Samsung Malaysia will be running their Moment of Note campaign from the 7th of November to the 13th of December where two lucky participants will walk away with a brand new Galaxy Note5. For further enquiries check out their Instagram page @SamsungMobileMY.

So what are you waiting for? Capture that Moment of Note right now and remember to add the hashtag #momentofnote #GalaxyNote5 and tag @SamsungMobileMY!

For more info, visit Samsung’s competition page here.