You’ll be able to pair your Samsung Gear S2 with iOS devices by year’s end

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Cross platform pairing is usually a non-issue, at least when you’re on the same operating system. Unique to Samsung, Tizen OS wearables were never able to interact with other devices outside the Samsung name. Luckily Korea’s finest have smartened up this time and the Gear S2 has the ability to communicate with other Android smartphones. They left iOS out, at least until September, when they suggested that they might consider opening it up.

Since the beginning of Autumn, no follow-up came from Samsung but today, as reported by a Vietnamese blog, the Gear S2 will allow pairing and working functionality with iOS by the end of the year. They go to say that the first Gear S2 app will also be made available on the App Store; so setting up and customising your Gear S2, will be a breeze.

No restrictions will be made for iOS users, except they won’t be able to access Samsung Pay – since, well, they aren’t using a Samsung. Those still harping on about whether to get the Apple Watch or the Gear S2 might have more reasons to think about switching up their device options slightly, if they were to already have an iPhone.


This obviously is a mere rumour, so let’s wait for Samsung to release official information first, before going out and buying your Gear S2. Well, for the most part, we hope Apple doesn’t pull a Pebble, and remove the app from their App Store, once it goes live.


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6 Comments for You’ll be able to pair your Samsung Gear S2 with iOS devices by year’s end

Aniki Tan

aiyo… if cant afford to buy apple watch, what for buying an iphone…


    Because the square Apple watch is ugly?


      Many Samsung people migrated to Apple is because they say Samsung Galaxy lag until they don't trust them anymore and change to iPhone. While those using iOS people hardly wanna change to android unless they really dissatisfied with Apple. So I bet no Apple fan or former Android guy with iPhone would wanna buy this shit watch. Plus the resell value of Samsung is just so poor.


        This is a watch not a phone. And it runs on Tizen.


          People with iPhone likely go for iPad or Mac. If u trust a brand u likely go for it, if u get hurt by the brand u won't touch any of their other product especially the product concerning with software execution, Samsung is great in hardware making but truth to say they aren't good in software integration. I still remember they came out their own OS for smartphone few years back and it's gone now. They didn't have success story in OS part considering its huge advantage in market share last time, how many galaxy gear has actually been out and it turns out not a single one a hit in the market.