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Three (good) strikes in a row for Xiaomi, as they rake in RM 856 million on Single’s Day


11.11, what does it mean to you? Well in Malaysia it hasn’t quite caught on, yet in China that’s the day most vendors go all-out with sales. It’s no joke either, as domestic consumers spend more on any other day, beating out Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales in the USA. But what does it mean for smartphone manufacturers? Well for Xiaomi, days like these break records; this year they claim the top seller title on Tmall (Alibaba store) for 3 years, consecutively.

Back at their home-base, Xiaomi offered some compelling deals during Single’s Day. We saw the Redmi Note 2 go for 12% less at only US$ 110 (RM 480) and their 64GB tablet offering, the Xiaomi Mi Pad received a US$ 31 (RM 135) discount as well.


Quoting Global VP, Hugo Barra, Tmall sales also saw Xiaomi capturing top spots in these categories: smartphone, tablet, wearable, audio products, smart home and routers – a long list of titles for the electronics company.

It’s no surprise that the company managed to rake in so much business, as for the longest time, the brand has always offered great products at great prices. And with new iterations of their Redmi Note and Mi Band line, everything was coordinated quite timely.

Running on two successful stints, 2 years ago, sales on Tmall surpassed US 80 million (RM 349 million); a year back, they sold US$ 254 million (RM 1.1 billion). Begging the question, what’s next for Xiaomi? Well we’d like to see some news about successor to the Mi Note or Mi 4. Let’s hope something in the works over in Beijing.

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Meanwhile, in Malaysia, these were their special offers – just in case you want to anticipate what’s to come next year. Share with us if you managed to grab any of the flash deals that went on sale yesterday.

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