Maxis prompts Digi and Celcom to a discussion on setting industry standards for 4G LTE |

Maxis prompts Digi and Celcom to a discussion on setting industry standards for 4G LTE

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Playing with Pandora’s box has its ramifications and once you release statements/claims, you’d better be ready to face your critics. Following the onslaught of who’s the “best”, “widest” and “fastest” 4G LTE network, Maxis aims to put this issue to bed by releasing company data on how they classify their 4G LTE network. Moreover, the green coloured telco has also proposed to have a forum with two of its competitors to talk about the state of 4G LTE in Malaysia.

Getting the ball rolling on a pressing issue that has left Malaysian baffled by both telcos claims (Digi and Maxis), this could mean that consumers will at the end gain more out of this. The initiator of all this has issued an open invitation to any member of the public to prove them wrong on their “widest” 4G LTE network; they also hope Digi and Celcom follow suit.

Setting the date for the 23rd of November, Maxis hopes that this platform will allow all three networks to have their own telecommunications engineers to talk about how they gauge their coverage. And at the end of the day, Maxis claims that they want to do this for consumers; evidently to let us “have a fair basis for choosing”.

Strangely, Maxis has left out the 4th major player in the market, U Mobile. Possibly since the company isn’t publicly listed, otherwise we’d best not speculate further. While everyone claims to provide the “widest” 4G LTE, we’re still questioning if they’ve diverted their attention to problems that their customers are facing everyday – even in the heart of the Klang Valley.

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Digi claimed coverage map

Our readers have been very open about their experiences on their networks, with some stating that there are service blind spots in popular landmarks and areas around the major cities. Silly if you think of it really, the fact that their customers in their key market areas are facing issues and they want to go on record being the “widest”, “fastest”, and “best” network.

Previously, we talked about what all these bold titles mean to consumers, you can check it out here. But if you’re really into these figures that Maxis has published, they are listed below:


Zero buffering 98% of the time on YouTube SD (no clarification what standard definition is to them)
Zero buffering 96% of the time on YouTube HD (no clarification on what high definition is to them)
Top web pages (Google and Facebook) load fully in less than 8 seconds
Average 4G LTE speeds exceed 15Mbps at all hours, both indoor and out
Ultra-fast speeds of up to 225Mbps in areas where Maxis has already rolled out LTE-Advanced technology, the first Malaysian telco to do so
90% 4G LTE population coverage signal strength of -98dBm in Klang Valley, Penang and JB
60% 4G LTE population coverage with minimul signal strength of -98dBm across all state capitals
55% 4G LTE population coverage with minimum signal strength of -98dBm nationwide

*Do note that aside from the first three lines, no 3rd party testing has been conducted to verify the “statements” by Maxis above*

It’s easy to talk numbers and standards but do they really reflect in real-life situations? We’ve tried testing Maxis’ network at KLCC, on a weekday night and from the photo below, you can see we only managed 7Mbps download speeds, so what gives?

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We now throw it back to the telcos, step up your game, stop all the bickering and maintain your network coverage (and speed) across all your services – no matter 2G, 3G or 4G. We want a consistent experience, it doesn’t matter to us if you’re the widest if you can’t deliver in reality.

There has been no official statement from either Digi and Celcom yet (but be fair to them, it’s a public holiday today). Once they’ve replied we’ll keep everyone updated. It’ll be a great thing to see our cellular providers meet in a neutral setting, we hope that all three will decide to have an unbiased moderator and that the public will be allowed to grill them on their gripes. If you have any recommendations on who should oversee this open forum, let us know in the comments below.

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30 Comments for Maxis prompts Digi and Celcom to a discussion on setting industry standards for 4G LTE


I'm pretty sure Telekom's TMgo has the widest LTE coverage so far (granted, it's not on the usual bands 3 and 7). Speed also not bad – always able to get in excess of 20Mbps

    Vernon Chan

    TMGo has widest LTE coverage? Where's the data from?

      Maxis Port UMobile

      Who cares about widest? Most important is price lah

      I am so glad I left Maxis. Now on U28 Umobile. From bills of RM130 per month, now my bill is RM40 per month. Same usage.

      Quality of data also same as umobile tumpang on Maxis network.


        UMobile tumpang Maxis for 2G only (all area in Malaysia) & some part for 3G (Klang Valley definitely not one of them). 4G not sure though

      Kenny Tan

      TMgo data coming from P1 right?

      Jason Tan

      You can refer on their coverage map, the only bad point about TMgo is bad indoor coverage

Chris Ck

Most d time msia telco suck FULLSTOP


    Totally agree. That's why I stopped signing contracts and just stay with Celcom First 38. When I pay less, I feel less annoyed with poor service/coverage. Besides it's not like it's going to make any difference even after complaining. For example, I have been complaining to maxis about slow 3G in Kepong for a year and it still suck now.

      U28 user

      i feel the same. I pay less, I get less annoyed. Funny, when you pay over RM100, you expect some high levels of standards and service.

      Anyway, all the networks are the same lah in terms of speed and quality. The only variable is price.


If they want to make a standard, please make a 'value for customer hard earn money' a top priority. so that maxis will know. they'll never listen to customer. duh -_-


Maybe customers later on can subscribe to any network regardless their operator and be charged with PPU flat accross networks.

Kenny Tan

Yes basically all sucks in one way or another. So just grab yourselves a basic package thats offers better value. I stick with Maxis for donkeys years and their packages getting expensive until recently. Then change to Digi for some years until their indoor service irks me with no signal for 8 hours during working time. Then i gets Celcom First 38.00 which is much better indoor but not that desirable but excellent outdoor everywhere i go so far. Umobile is my second sim for emergency calling rather than data when indoor during working hours but the data is sucks in certain parts of the town.

So far i am more leans towards Celcom services which offer better value and coverage, 2nd is Umobile, Digi and last Maxis.


Maxis doesn't even provide the coverage map in their website and wanna do something silly. Just improve lah, don't talk cock with others.


currently using 2 phone , celcom basic 38 + digi smartplan 50. this combination allow me to sure get signal every where i go so far in malaysia.

Big Kok

dun make me change to celcom, maxis

Big Kok

u wont stand a chance maxis

Ah Keong

Maxis gotta improve


Pelik nape LTE coverage kat area rumah I xde.. #tanyaMaxis

The special one

R u sure ur up 4 the challenge maxis? Don't get this publicity 2 embarass urself

Ah Keong

Maxis is digging their own graveyard by having this standoff


Biggest marketing fail ever lah coz your 4G really cannot pakai one. #truestoryfromamaxiscustomer

Big Kok

Well maxis should invest in their area or coverage more than wasting time in this

Alex Tan

"Zero buffering 98% of the time on YouTube SD (no clarification what standard definition is to them)"

And I'm sitting here in Cheras with my MaxisOneplan (3GB) with 4G LTE and I can't even load a 360p YouTube video smoothly…. wtf Maxis. Fix your damn shitty line before you wan to talk to Celcom or Digi.


Maxis empty promises zzz


55% coverage? "no service" that's most of the time I see this at my home! sux!


Are you sure Maxis?


Streaming getting worst, how now?


Have move to another telco after using Maxis for almost 10 years. Maxis price is too expensive and can get better offer from other telco at cheaper price. Before move to other telco, have sent feedback, however I believe I am only one customer, Maxis don't bother.


I hope Digi and Celcom don’t get in bed with Maxis. I think gov should prevent this from happening. More like a secret meeting to fix price.

I have never been happier. From RM2xx monthly with Maxis, now I’m paying less than RM85 for 2 lines. I can get a brand new top range smartphone every 2 years.


    RM85 with Celcom.