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iPad Pro goes on sale in Malaysia starting tomorrow


UPDATE: iPad Pro now available in Malaysia. Priced from RM3,599.

The iPad Pro is the largest and the most expensive iOS device that Apple has ever built. At 12.9 inches and the option to add on a keyboard and a “Pencil” stylus, it is obvious that Apple is jumping on the convergence bandwagon.

This coming Wednesday, 11th November, Apple will be making the iPad Pro available across 40 countries including Malaysia through the online store. If you prefer to feel it before parting ways with your money, Apple says you can get it from their stores and authorised resellers by the end of this week.


In terms of price, the iPad Pro cost nearly as much as a MacBook Air. The base 32GB WiFi model is going for US$799 (about RM3,505) while the 128GB version goes for US$949 (about RM4,164). For complete connectivity, the extra cellular (3G/4G) support with 128GB storage carries a hefty US$1079 (about RM4,734) price tag. As comparison, the 11″ MacBook Air is going for US$899 or RM4,099 in our Malaysian online Apple Store (after recent price revision).


To complete your iPad Pro experience, the matching keyboard cover and pencil are sold separately. The Pencil stylus that lasts 12 hours on a single charge is sold at US$99 (about RM434), while the Smart keyboard will set you back by US$169 (about RM741). The overall iPad Pro full package is really expensive and it makes the already pricey Microsoft Surface Pro 4 seem like a bargain. The biggest difference of course is that the iPad Pro is still running on iOS while the Surface gives you a full fledged Windows 10 experience.

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You can read the full specs and features of the iPad Pro in our earlier announcement post. Would you get the iPad Pro, and will it replace your day to day MacBook? Let us know in the comments below.



Alexander Wong