Xiaomi possibly announcing the Redmi Note 2 Pro on the 11th of November


Revisiting our post earlier in October, we talked about how the alleged Redmi Note 2 Pro would be a metal encased phablet. A totally new venture for the Chinese company (since the Mi Note and Mi 4 only have metal edges), the metal body could possibly not be the only new feature; rear-mounted fingerprint sensor included. New photos have arrived showing the outer shell and it pretty much corroborates older images but still leave us unsure if Xiaomi would pack all this in a mid-range device.

Since the Redmi Note 2 will be available (in Malaysia) for pre-order in 2 days, this timely news might deter buyers who’d prefer a metal-clad phablet. That said, if the rumours are true, the Redmi Note 2 Pro could carry a 5.5-inch display but no information states whether it’ll maintain the 1080p resolution like the regular variant.


Once you find your way inside, there will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor coupled with either of these memory configurations:

2GB RAM + 16GB internal storage – 1099 yuan (RM 756)
3GB RAM + 32GB internal storage – 1299 yuan (RM 893)
4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage – 1499 yuan (RM 1030)

Something definitely doesn’t tally with this information but from photos we can say that a device does indeed exist. Whether it’ll actually be a Redmi Note 2 Pro is a whole other story. Firstly, it doesn’t make sense to pack a fingerprint sensor and premium build, in a mid-range product – if you were to do it, it would definitely be in your flagship.

Another problem would be, why release a higher-end Redmi Note 2 if you just released it in August. But then again, we feel it won’t be anything else since the Mi 4C was supposed to be a “respectable “replacement to the Mi 4. If Xiaomi truly decides to release a device with the aforementioned price points, this could be the most expensive Redmi to date.

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We’re as confused as you are but do keep in mind that these are all rumours, the only thing that is considered to be factual would be Xiaomi will release a smartphone on 11.11. Let us know your thoughts below and help us come up with some reasoning as to what Xiaomi might be planning.