You’ll get no satisfaction. Beware of fake TM Social Pages

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Whenever we face any technical issues, social media is probably the easiest way to get help. Most service providers are able to respond to your complaints via Facebook and Twitter, saving you time from calling their customer support hotline.

Before making a complaint, TM wants you to ensure that you’re communicating with the right channel. As of late, a couple of fake social accounts misrepresenting TM have cropped up online.


If you do a quick search on Facebook for “TM”, you’ll find several unofficial TM/Unifi pages including a couple of TM Unifi installers. Like the screenshot above, some pages are merely trolling and you won’t get any useful help for your issue.

TM is well aware of such pages and they have issued an announcement to warn its customers. The fake accounts infringes their copyright and intellectual property, and they are taking necessary steps to remove them permanently. For your safety, it is advised not to communicate with unofficial channels especially when they request for your personal information.

The official channels for TM are Everyone Connects on Facebook and TM Connects on Twitter. Perhaps they should consider having a TM FB page as users would naturally search for “TM” when they need help.

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2 Comments for You’ll get no satisfaction. Beware of fake TM Social Pages


hahaha sudah kena and malu.. dont want to official page


    it's not you dumbo, THAT page only have few hundreds of likers only.