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Ghost Push Trojan hits the Google Play Store; there’s a fix, don’t worry


Android users beware, this new malicious malware might already have invaded your devices. Ghost Push is apparently hard to get rid of as well, already causing havoc on 900,000 devices so far in 116 countries (Malaysia is the 7th hardest hit on that list).

Discovered by the team at Cheetah Mobile aka the people behind “CM Security”, they’ve been monitoring the malware since September 18th. No manufacturer has managed to resolve this issue by themselves, so it’s best you do your research on how to remove it once you’re infected.

Cheetah Mobile has noticed that this malicious code can slip pass Google’s Play Store security and possibly attain full root access of your smartphones and tablets.

Here’s a small list of apps that have been discovered to have Ghost Push onboard.



Through the full control access of your devices, these Chinese hackers have been forcing app installations behind your backs. CM has a rough estimation – $4 million/day.

Google has since pulled the infected apps from the Play Store, but similarly in the past if you’d already been infected, the Trojan won’t just disappear with a simple app update/reinstall.


Opportunistically, Cheetah Mobile has now made available an app to detect the malware on your Android devices. Regardless if you have the aforementioned apps listed or otherwise, you should at least use the app to see if there’s any funny business happening internally without your permission.

Here’s the link for the Ghost Push Trojan Killer (on the Google Play Store).